Mary Jane Burgess

Traditional Fine Artist

I work in various medias including photography, pencil and charcoal sketches, monoprints and etchings, Chinese brush paintings, watercolors, acrylics, oils, mixed media and digital painting.
— Mary Jane Burgess

From where did this beauty in nature come?

This is the question that comes to mind when viewing nature. Touring, camping, and hiking in the Rocky Mountains for over thirty years, seeing fields of flowers in meadows and basins in front of towering majestic snow-capped peaks, fills me with a sense of awe. To me, this awe suggests the presence of something so vast that it transcends our understanding of the world.

My paintings are about…

Looking more closely at the world around us and recognizing the glory of nature. I start by taking photographs as a pictorial reference to remind me both of what I saw and the feelings I experienced when seeing the beauty and splendor. The subjects of most of my current oil paintings are taken from travels in both the Rocky Mountains and more recently in the west of Ireland and the Aran Islands. It is my hope that these paintings inspire others.

When doing oil paintings,

I sometimes refer to photographs I have previously taken to remind me of the sights and feelings I had experienced when in the field. I hand sketch the desired composition on a canvas, then use oil paint because I love the vibrancy of the colors. Like Thomas Kinkade, when the paintings are completed, I have giclee prints of the original painting printed onto more canvases or other substrates. I limit and number the copies like any traditional printmaker. Then I hand embellish the giclees to add depth and texture to the limited copies so that it is difficult to distinguish the original oil painting from the giclee.


Mary Jane Burgess Art

Mary Jane is a Colorado resident who has been pursuing her study of art after completing a nursing career of 52 years. Her subjects are varied and include people, pets, still lifes and nature, and she sells limited number giclees of original oil paintings. She has been commissioned by Pepsi Cola and Nestle Purina for oil paintings. She appreciates comments on her art and can be contacted by phone or email.